Everett Bradley (b. March 16, 1963) is an American Broadway New York-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, actor, dancer, choreographer, and playwright.

Biography Edit

Bradley was born in Greenwood, South Carolina, on March 16, 1963, the son of a high school principal and an elementary school teacher, before moving to Muncie, Indiana. He was originally expected to be involved in academics and athletics, as he played football, like his older brother who played for the Detroit Lions. He was offered an Engineering scholarship at Boston College, however, Bradley's mother gave him voice lessons and he went to the University of Indiana School of Music on a scholarship.[1]

Bradley first came to the East Coast to play with John Eddie in 1989.[2] He has performed with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band as a background vocalist and percussionist during the Wrecking Ball and High Hopes tours, and was also featured on the High Hopes album.[3] He has also toured with Jon Bon Jovi and Hall & Oates.

His theatre credits include being part of the creative team of Swing!, being the first American to perform with and direct Stomp, for which he was nominated for a Grammy, and performing in the Cotton Club musical revue After Midnight. He has served as musical director for Carly Simon and NBC's The Meredith Vieira Show, for which he also wrote the show's theme song and other music included in the program. 

He has recorded with GRP Records' Dee Carstensen, Joey Ramone, Polygram act Jane Williams, Verve's Chris Botti and Cyndi Lauper. Bradley also performed lead vocals on the 1994 single "I Luv U Baby," by American group, The Original.

Starting in 2002, Bradley began putting on his own funk-influenced holiday production, Holidelic, which has seen guests such as Fred Schneider, Vernon Reid, John Forté, Elmo Shropshire and Celeste Holm. He has also worked and performed as a percussionist and backing vocalist with Bon Jovi in 2003 during This Left Feels Right Live session, and is currently touring with Bon Jovi during their This House is Not for Sale Tour as the touring percussionist. He also performed the Shadow the Hedgehog theme song, "Throw it All Away," for the video game Sonic Adventure 2. The song was later released on the 2001 album SA2 Cuts Unleashed.[4]


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