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18 Tracks.jpg
Released April 13, 1999
Recorded 1972-1999
Genre Rock
Length 71:12
Label Columbia Records Logo.png
Producer Bruce Springsteen, Chuck Plotkin
18 Tracks
Live in New York City
Singles from 18 Tracks

18 Tracks is an album by Bruce Springsteen, released on April 13, 1999. It is a condensed version of the Tracks box set, however, it contains 3 songs not released on Tracks,"Trouble River", "The Fever", and "The Promise".

Track Listing[]

  1. Growin' Up (Demo)
  2. Seaside Bar Song
  3. Rendezvous
  4. Hearts of Stone
  5. Where the Bands Are
  6. Loose Ends
  7. I Wanna Be With You
  8. Born in the U.S.A. (Demo)
  9. My Love Will Not Let You Down
  10. Lion's Den
  11. Pink Cadillac
  12. Janey Don't You Lose Heart
  13. Sad Eyes
  14. Part Man, Part Monkey
  15. Trouble River
  16. Brothers Under the Bridge
  17. The Fever
  18. The Promise


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